How To Use Twitter To Grow Your Brand

Twitter provides an easy, accessible and FREE way for your business to interact with your customers, announce upcoming specials and events, and be engaged in the tourism community at large. So many destinations and tourism attractions do not take advantage of this useful social media platform and in doing so they are leaving money on the table. 

Some may think that Twitter is dead but in reality, it is alive and well. However, it is a noisy platform with conversations flying by at, sometimes, an alarming pace. That doesn't mean that your business or destination can't benefit. Follow these few simple steps to cut through the clutter and watch your engagement grow. 


1. Post multiple times a day, daily. A post a day isn't nearly enough to get through all the Twitter static. Posting consistently throughout the day does. 

Tweets should include eye-catching graphics or images as well as a hashtag or two. Tweets can be about upcoming festivals, things to do and more. In addition to tweeting about your brand take this opportunity to reshare content from other tourism partners.

What we do not recommend is scheduling all your tweets and walking away. Engagement from scheduled tweets is not very high but after a time engagement from authentic tweets and reshares will grow. 

2. Use hashtags. As mentioned above hashtags are a must on Twitter. Hashtags are one way new followers will find you and engage with you. 

3. Engage. Yes, you need to engage with those tweeting to and or about you. Thank them for kind comments, offer suggestions and directions as needed and even assist with a (gasp) negative experience. Twitter lets you do all that in real time and shows the tourism community at large how awesome you are. 

4. Use great graphics and images. Do not just leave a reply if a reply with an engaging photo is possible. People scrolling Twitter are more likely to slow down at images than they are at text only.  Make your image/graphic worth stopping at and reading.

5. Host a Twitter chat. These are a great opportunity to showcase your brand or attraction during a thirty minute to hour time frame. Chats are all about you and allow you to engage with a curious audience that wants to learn more. Social Influencer Media can host a very successful Twitter chat for you taking the pressure off you to host and allows you to simply talk up your destination. 

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Why You Should Host A Twitter Chat


Twitter chats engage audiences, drive traffic and put your brand in the forefront of Twitter users and travelers minds. They are a casual conversation and only require a solid internet connection and a Twitter handle. (Read why you should be on Twitter here) A successful thirty to sixty minute chat drives brand excitement across the United States.

What are the Benefits of a Twitter Chat?

Builds Community--Engaging on Twitter during a Twitter chat allows your to engage with your tribe and/or build community in a short amount of time. During the chat, you can following those engaging with you and continue to tweet with them long after the chat is over. Travelers LOVE engaging with destinations and attractions, give them a reason to show up to talk to your destination and you'll be thrilled with the response you receive. 

Give You Leads--Chats are the perfect place to connect you with new leads for your brand without investing your entire marketing budget. During a chat, you have the opportunity to encourage people to sign up for a newsletter or travel guide which builds your audience base. 

Builds Brand Awareness--As you are building your community you are also building brand awareness. During the chat, your brand is being showcased to thousands of readers and curious minds will want to learn more about YOU!

Markets Your Business--Finally, and probably most importantly, Twitter chats are a great way to market your business to a travel-heavy audience with little investment. The cost per timeline deliveries is pennies per view.

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